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HEBREW: 6947 enrb vdq Qadesh Barnea`

Kadesh Barnea

In Bible versions:

Kadesh Barnea: NET NIV
Kadesh-Barnea: NET AVS TEV
Kadesh-barnea: NRSV NASB
holiness of an inconstant son

an oasis 100 km south of Gaza & 120 km NNW of Ezion-Geber, where Israel made an encampment
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Strongs #06947: enrb vdq Qadesh Barnea`

Kadesh-barnea = "holy"

1) a city in the extreme south of Judah
1a) same as 'Kedesh' and 'Kadesh'

6947 Qadesh Barnea` kaw-dashe' bar-nay'-ah

from the same as 6946 and an otherwise unused word (apparently compounded of a correspondent to 1251 and a derivative of 5128) meaning desert of a fugitive; Kadesh of (the) Wilderness of Wandering; Kadesh-Barnea, a place in the Desert: KJV -- Kadesh-barnea.
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KADESH-BARNEA - ka'-desh-bar'-ne-a (qadhesh barnea`; Kades): Mentioned 10 times; called also "Kadesh" simply. The name perhaps means "the holy place of the desert of wandering." There are references to Kadesh in early history. At En-mishpat ("the same is Kadesh") Chedorlaomer and his allies smote the Amalekite and Amorite. Abraham dwelt near Kadesh, and it was at Beer-lahai-roi between Kadesh and Bered that the Angel of Yahweh appeared to Hagar (Gen 14:7; 16:14; 20:1). It was an important camp of the Israelites during their wanderings, and seems to have been their headquarters for 38 years (Dt 1:2; 2:14; Judith 5:14). There the returning spies found the camp (Nu 13:26); there Miriam died and was buried (Nu 20:1); from thence messengers were sent to the king of Edom (Nu 20:14; Jdg 11:16 ff). There the people rebelled because of the want of water, and Moses brought water from the rock (Nu 20:2 ff); it was called therefore Meribath--or Meriboth-Kadesh (Nu 27:14; Ezek 47:19; 48:28). It was situated in the wilderness of Zin (Nu 20:1; 33:36,37) in the hill country of the Amorites (Dt 1:19), 11 days' journey from Horeb, by the way of Mt. Seir (Dt 1:2), "in the uttermost" of the border of Edom (Nu 20:16), and on the southern border, probably the Southeast corner, of Judah (Ezek 47:19; compare Judith 19). See Cobern, Homiletic Review, April and May, 1914.

S. F. Hunter

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