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WageringWaitWaitingWaiting, on GodWaldensiansWantWarWarfare, the Believer'sWarning, WarningsWashingWaste, cf. UselessWatchfulnessWaterWater of LifeWeakWeaknessWealthWearyWeatherWeightWelcomeWhitefield, GeorgeWhyWifeWillWill, bondage ofWill, freedom ofWill of GodWillfulnessWine, in the N.T.WinningWisdomWishWithoutsWitnessWitnessing, cf. EvangelismWitnessing, fear inWomenWomen, role ofWord, of GodWordsWorkWork, the Believer'sWorkableWorkaholicWorksWorks, salvation byWorldWorld, Its course and endWorld, and the believerWorld, the Christian's place inWorldlinessWorld ViewWorry, anxietyWorshipWorthWrath, of GodWrongWrong, sincerelyWyclif, (Wycliffe), John

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